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Historic Event Tips


Following are a few tips we feel might help you with your Themed Event.

Tip #1: Decide When To Stage Your Event

When to hold your historic event is everything. A pirate raid might be better at night or a joust better held in the afternoon. Time of year is also a consideration as some Medieval Costumes can be very hot. Would it be best on a weekday or on a weekend? Your event should not overlap any holidays or major sports events.

Tip #2: Location

Decide whether to hold you event outdoors or inside. Most historic events are usually held outside, however, there are several major considerations, weather being number one on the list. Would you need tents, portable flooring, generators, heaters, lighting? Also any type of oration might need a PA system.

Tip #3: Different Types of Environments

A unique environment can add interest and excitement to your historic event. Great places to hold events would be retreats, cruise ships or sailboats for pirate events, museums, large stately homes, sports fields or arenas, theaters, public parks. Keep in mind that most of these places would need the above mentioned equipment. Also never pick a venue without seeing it first.

Tip #4: The Right Atmosphere

The key to a successful historic event is to seek out unique entertainment, costumes and decorations that add fun, spark excitement and create the right ambiance. You may consider having strolling musicians, magicians, dancers, palm readers, falconers... Or any type of artisans from the time period of your theme. Remember to check in advance with your venue as some may have restrictions on what they allow. Some may frown on musket or cannon fire, or fire breathers etc.

Tip #5: Integrate The Historic Theme

The Theme should follow through the entire event. Don't limit things to a few posters on the walls rather than real ambiance. For the best impact, integrate it before, during and after the event. Reflect the theme in your invitations and party favors that guests might take home. Advise speakers and discuss with them how they can incorporate suitable speech and mannerisms to the time period. Also consider these pointers:

Make sure the theme is general enough that it is not likely to offend anyone. A world war two event with the German army goose-stepping down main street might not go over so well.
Create a slogan or message to for your theme for promoting your event.
Consider having a logo or banner designed to enhance the theme.

Tip #6: Hire A Photographer

A professional photographer is a wonderful addition to any event. People always enjoy a visual reminder of their fun time at the event. Portraits taken in period attire are usually popular. Your photographer can either roam among the guests taking candid shots, or set up in a central location for posed pictures, or both. You may even consider having a video photographer as well.

Tip #7: Hiring The Right Talent

When planning to hire acts to entertain your guests, find out where they have performed before. Always view a demo video. Check the quality of their performance and the audience’s reaction. Check with any references and ask questions:

Would they hire that group again?
Were they flexible, reliable, and easy to work with?
How would you rate the act?
How did they perform?
What part of their act could be improved?
The bottom line is to make sure that this act would be a good fit for your guests.

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