I'm a Disney Freak CD by Armand and Angelina

The I'm a Disney Freak CD by Armand and Angelina is a compilation of 22 of Armand's most beloved compositions including many humorous songs like "How Can I Miss You(if you won't go away)?" and "Hugh Manatee".

Track List:
1. Disney Freak – Live
2. Gypsy Lady
3. Sierra
4. My Karma Ran Over My Dogma
5. She's My Best Friend
6. Hugh Manatee
7. Everybody Bleeds
8. Too Much T.V.
9. Bayou Boy
10. You'll Never Know – Live
11. You Can't Take It With You – Live
12. Rise and Shout
13. I Get High on Y.O.U.
14. Different Shades
15. Berlin – Live
16. Had to Be Somebody – Live
17. Hotter Than Ever (Menopause Girl) – Live
18. Fragile Heart – Live
19. You're So Light – Parody of "You're So Vain" – Live
20. I Need It My Way – Parody of "My Way" – Live
21. Learning How to Feel
22. How Can I Miss You (If You Won't Go Away)

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