Huscarl Greaves by Red Dragon Armoury

Huscarl Greaves. The Huscarl; warrior elite of the King’s household, sworn to protect his lord or fall at his side. Indomitable, he casts a fearsome shadow upon the battlefield, foreboding to all but the greatest of warriors. His blackened armour, a gift from his lord, contrasting against the golden decoration that distinguishes him from lesser warriors. His greatest wish, that his prowess in battle will be immortalised by the bards, retold in the mead halls and forever celebrated by his kin.

Greaves - Length: 18 5/8"  Width: 6" 

The look of Authentic Steel without the weight or maintenance.  Made from Polyurethane.

Made by Red Dragon Armoury.

Key Features:
* Highly detailed, durable and light weight LARP armor
* Adjustable leather straps
* Versatile in many LARP genres

Huscarl Greaves only, other items not included.
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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