U.S. M1 Helmet Net - Large Pattern WWII

The U.S. M1 Helmet Net - Large Pattern WWII is a high-quality reproduction designed to fit the iconic US M1 helmet.

Key Features of this helmet net:
Reproduction Design: This helmet net is carefully crafted as a faithful reproduction of the original large pattern used during WWII.

Olive Drab Color: The netting is subdued olive drab in color, providing a military-authentic appearance.

Cotton Material: Made from durable cotton netting, the helmet net offers both authenticity and reliability for re-enactors and enthusiasts.

Versatile Use: The net serves a practical purpose by allowing users to add foliage, strips of material, or other "scrim" to break up the outline of the helmet. This feature was commonly used for camouflage in the field.

Ideal for Re-enactors: Suited for historical re-enactments, military enthusiasts, and collectors who appreciate attention to detail and authenticity.

Dimensions: The helmet net has approximate dimensions of 18x18 inches, ensuring a proper fit for the U.S. M1 helmet.

Whether you are a military re-enactor looking for accurate gear or a collector interested in authentic reproductions, the U.S. M1 Helmet Net - Large Pattern WWII provides an excellent accessory to enhance the historical accuracy of your collection or presentation.

Net Only - M1 Helmet Not Included

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