Cuirassier Half Armour 17th Century

Cuirassiers were the successors of the medieval armored knights. These mounted cavalry soldiers were equipped with firearms as well armour and first appeared in the late 15th century.

The cuirassiers armor differentiated from the medieval knight’s full-body armor, in that the cuisses (thigh armor) are fully articulated with many lames rather than solid plate defenses. This articulation is further enhanced by the use of sliding rivets. Rather than using steel greaves (shin armor), the cuirassiers wore leather riding boots. They also used early wheel-lock pistols, in addition to lances and swords.

Our beautiful half harness is a fine example of a 1650's cuirassier's armor. Our Cuirassier Half Armor is an expertly hand crafted historically dished steel armour and includes rolled and roped edges. Heavy duty leather straps with period design buckles are provided at no extra cost.

This suit of half armor includes: Gorget, Pauldrons, Full Arms with rotating canons, Breast Plate, Back Plate and Removable Cuisses. This 17th century armor is made to measure so please send us your measurements when ordering.

You also have the choice of steel thickness, as well as the standard brushed finish or a high polish.

Key Features:
* Museum Quality Reproduction Armor
* Made to Measure
* Fully Functional

Please allow 4 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Armor Measurement - 2a through 4f
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  • 17 (1.3mm)
  • Custom Size, Measurements Required
  • Standard Finish
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