Tournament HEMA Fencing Mask by Red Dragon Armoury - Medium

Step into the tournament arena with confidence and protection wearing our Red Dragon Tournament HEMA Fencing Mask. Designed for the serious practitioner and those participating in HEMA tournaments, this mask offers a higher level of protection without compromising comfort or functionality.

Constructed to meet CEN 2 standards, this HEMA Black mask is built to withstand rigorous training and combat. It features a durable 1600 newton bib for enhanced safety during intense sparring sessions. The removable washable liner ensures cleanliness and hygiene (handwash only), allowing you to maintain a fresh and comfortable fit.

Finding the perfect fit is essential, which is why our Tournament Fencing Mask is available in sizes ranging from Medium to Extra Large. To determine your size, measure your vertical head circumference using a tape measure. Starting from under your chin with your mouth slightly open, measure up past your ear, over the top of your head, down past your other ear, and back down to the bottom of your chin.

Weighing approximately 2 pounds and 12 ounces, this tournament-grade fencing mask provides both superior protection and maneuverability, ensuring a competitive edge.

Made by Red Dragon Armoury, a trusted name in HEMA gear, this Tournament HEMA Fencing Mask combines durability, functionality, and safety to meet the demands of serious practitioners and tournament fighters alike.

Gear up and face your opponents with confidence in the Red Dragon Tournament HEMA Fencing Mask. Unleash your skills and dominate the arena while staying protected.

Interior measurements:
Height- 10.5"
Width- 8"
Depth- 9"
Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz

Made by Red Dragon Armoury.

Key Features:
Heavier duty, tournament grade fencing mask
1600 Newton Bib
Removable Washable liner (handwash only)

Please note that specifications may vary slightly from piece to piece due to the handcrafted nature of the product.

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