Left Handed European Baldric - Brown

The Left-Handed European Baldric in Brown is a classic accessory designed for carrying a sword or other weapon. It has been a popular choice for sword wearers since ancient times, providing support and balance while adding a stylish touch to the outfit.

This European Baldric is made of high-quality oil-tanned leather, giving it durability and a rich brown color. It features a brass buckle and a left-hand draw, meaning the frog (the loop that holds the sword) is positioned on the right side of the wearer. This allows for easy access and comfortable carrying of the sword.

The baldric is designed to be versatile and can be worn with any sword available for sale, making it suitable for various historical periods and styles. The frog is left open so that it can be stitched closed to perfectly fit the specific sword of your choice.

Whether you're a reenactor, a cosplayer, or simply a sword enthusiast, the Left-Handed European Baldric is a practical and stylish accessory that adds authenticity and convenience to your sword-carrying experience. (Rapier and Belt Not included) Our Right-Handed Baldric item # is 200292. Available in Black or Brown.

LEFT HAND DRAW Frog on Right Side

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