Richard The Lionheart Mini Shield

This Richard the Lionheart Mini Shield is crafted in wood and features a stylized coat of arms that belonged to the legendary Richard the Lionheart, one of England's favorite kings. Bearing a coat of arms that suits his epithet, this shield features a field of white that is quartered by a red cross. Standing over the shield is a trio of lions (passant lions, with one paw raised and the other three facing the ground), all stacked one over the other in accordance with King Richards usual coat of arms.

The shield measures approximately 5.75 inches tall. Includes chain to hang shield on the wall, and hardware for displaying a mini sword or letter opener. (Mini Sword sold separately). The mini sword attaches to the shield in back.

Key Features:
* Crafted from Wood
* Emblazoned with the Coat of Arms of King Richard the Lion Heart
* Decorated with the Three Traditional Lions
* Features a White Field with a Red Cross
* Impressively Detailed
* Use for Displaying Miniature Swords
Height: 5.75 Inches
Width: 4.5 Inches
Thickness: 1/8ths an Inch

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