Mordred Doublet

The name Mordred is almost as closely tied to treachery as that of Judas. The nephew of King Arthur, he grew up to challenge the noble monarch in battle. With the Mordred Doublet, you can don the attire of this iconic villain. This dark grey aketon is made of poly-cotton with suede at its collar, cuffs, and shoulders, the last of which is studded. A lace-up front allows this gambeson to be adjustable, which makes the issue of sizing more flexible. The Mordred Doublet includes an undershirt with padded sleeves to complete the outfit, but be careful. As Mordred himself learned, no gambeson is sturdy enough to withstand a blow from Excalibur. The Mordred Doublet is great for cosplay and looks perfect at Renaissance fairs or conventions. The pictured belt is not included, which means you can customize this ensemble with your own medieval waist wear.


Key Features:
Gambeson is adjustable for flexibility of sizing
Includes undershirt with padded sleeves
Perfect for cosplay or Renaissance fairs


Made from poly-cotton materials
Collar, cuffs, and shoulder pads made from suede leather


Small/Medium: Chest – 30-36 Inches, Sleeve Length – 31-33 Inches, Waist – 24-30 Inches
Large/X-Large: Chest – 38-44 Inches, Sleeve Length – 33.5-35 Inches, Waist – 32-38 Inches

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