Dagged Aventail W/Leather Helm Attachment - Butted High Tensile Rings

The Aventail with leather helmet attachment is designed to fit Medieval Helmets. The Aventail, or Camail, was a curtain of chainmail attached to the base of a helmet (usually a bascinet) during the 14th and early 15th centuries.

This dagged aventail is constructed from butted round rings, stitched to a leather band. It is ready to be riveted into a helmet to upgrade it with the further protection of a mail aventail. The individual rings are 16 gauge in thickness and 9 mm in diameter.

Construction: Butted
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: 16ga. High Tensile Steel
Finish: Natural
Ring Internal Diameter: 9mm
Length of Leather Band is approximately: 19 inches

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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