Medieval Gambeson - Black

This style of medieval gambeson has tie closures in front with reinforced eyelets. Removable sleeves the gambeson has plenty of (points) to attach various parts of plate armor. Crafted in heavy-duty padded canvas, it has excellent blow-absorbing properties when worn separately and provides superior protection from cuts when worn under chainmail or plate armor. Functional and Battle Ready Arming Wear.

This sturdy gambeson is made with heavy layers of fluffed cotton canvas sandwiched between layers of wool and lined with cotton on the inside. All these layers are stitched together in vertical lines to keep the padding in place in the classic Medieval style.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with special wool soap (Wash separately first time). Do not bleach. Never Place In The Dryer.
* Made From Sturdy Padded Canvas
* Removable Sleeves
* Lots of Laced Points to Tie on Armor
* Laced V-neckline Collar
* Front Lacing Makes it Easy to Wear
* Wear with Mail or Plate Armor



Chest: 36.6 inches (93cm)
Sleeve: 25.2 inches (64cm)
Length: 25.2 inches (64cm)

Chest: 40.2 inches (102cm)
Sleeve: 26 inches (66cm)
Length: 27.6 inches (70cm)

Chest: 44.5 inches (113cm)
Sleeve: 26.4 inches (67cm)
Length: 28.3 inches (72cm)

Extra Large
Chest: 49.2 inches (125cm)
Sleeve: 26.4 inches (67cm)
Length: 29.5 inches (77cm)

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