German M44 Waffen SS Wool Field Cap -Single Button - WWII Repro

The M44 Waffen SS Wool Field Cap, was a single button closure cap and became a favorite of German SS troops. These field caps are made in Germany from the highest quality wool which has been custom made to match the original field grey wool colors from WW2.

Each comes fully lined with typical gray cotton fabric and proper ink maker marks. They also include the correct cardboard visor inserts, Reece keyhole buttonholes and Assmann style pebbled aluminum buttons.

Due to high quality and attention to detail, these field caps can be listed as Collectors Grade pieces; but don’t let that fool you, they are tough enough to stand the rigors of WWII reenactment use!

* New Made WWII M-44 SS Field Cap
* Correct Color Wool
* Made in Germany
* Proper Ink Stampings
* Correct Cardboard Visor Inserts
* Assmann Style Pebbled Buttons
* Sizes 56 - 61

Marked in German Army sizes. Sizes: 56 (US size 7), 57 (US size 7-1/8), 58 (US size 7-1/4), 59 (US size 7-3/8), 60 (US size 7-1/2), 61 (US size 7-5/8).

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