Joffrey Baratheon Golden Dragon

The dragon is the largest denomination monetary coin in the realm of Westeros. This piece has been struck on a planchet of 14 grams of red brass, 80% Copper and 20% Zinc, about 28 mm in diameter. The reign of Joffrey Baratheon takes place at the core of the tale as we enter it. He was the legal heir of King Robert Baratheon and assumed kingship at a young age upon Robert’s “accidental” death. Joffrey was considered to be an awful king and a bully, taking pleasure in tormenting his first betrothed, Sansa Stark, including delighting in the beheading of her father, Eddard, making her bear witness to the horrific act. He eventually tosses her aside to marry Margaery Tyrell in what has come to be known as the Purple Wedding.

Replica coin inspired by Game of Thrones.

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