Balon Greyjoy Copper Star Coin

From the Iron Islands of Westeros comes this copper star from house Greyjoy. This piece has been struck on an unrimmed planchet of 9 grams of .999 pure copper, about 25 mm in diameter. The obverse features a right-facing profile of a bearded Balon Greyjoy, declaring himself Lord of the Iron Islands in defiance of the crown held by Joffrey. Balon wears a laurel wreath and wears a gorget bearing the Kraken, sigil of House Greyjoy. The reverse bears the Reaver ship under full sail, emblematic of the sea power wielded by Balon. The motto of the Iron Islands WE DO NOT SOW, is proudly inscribed, indicating their disdain for farming folk. Above the ship is a seven pointed star with the numeral “1″ in it, declaring the denomination of the coin “One Star” as well as the sevenfold aspect of deity in the dominant religion of the time.

Made from 9 grams of pure copper. This is a replica coin from Game of Thrones.

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