Leather Dark Age Warrior Armour BTS-5000

Leather Dark Age Warrior Armor

Our Leather Dark Age Warrior Armor provides upper body protection. This Leather Chest Armor comes with the leather breastplate, back plate and leather shoulder plates. Adjustable side straps and Buckles for a comfortable fit.

This armor is available in a wide variety of colors and your choice of either 13-15 oz heavy leather or 8-10 oz lighter leather. This makes the armor great for LARP and SCA combat. No matter which version you choose the Dark Age Warrior Armor is light weight and provides ventilation for hot climates. Also available are optional leather pauldrons (shoulder armor) and tassets (thigh armor).

This complete Cuirass of Leather Armor is available in your choice of SCA legal 13-15oz leather or lighter 8-10oz LARP weight.

  • Light Weight
  • Suits Many Time Periods
  • Hand Made in USA
  • Comfortable
  • Optional Pauldrons (Shoulders)
  • Optional Tassets (Thighs)

    All other items sold separately.

    Leather Color Samples
  • SKU#: BTS-5000
    MSRP: $575.00

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    • Black
    • S/M (32-43")
    • No Pauldrons
    • No Tassets
    • 13-15oz Heavy Leather
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