Leather Elewien Armour BTS-4100

Taking down her opponent with such a phallic symbol as her sword is a shear delight for Eleiwen. Rather than using brute force, she likes to conquer her enemies slowly, with well placed blows. She prefers to wear this lightweight armour that doesn't hinder her agility.

Our fantasy Leather Elewien Armour was designed to provide a great deal of mobility. The pauldrons cover the shoulder and attach to the bustier and back; they are also removable! The bottom is buckled at the front and hips for ease of removal. The plates are riveted in a way that makes the armour completely articulated.

This armour can also be worn with hosen and a blouse for more modest female warriors! (Sword, wrist bands, shield and boots sold separately)


Armour Measurements 3A through 3P

Leather Color Samples

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