Beyond The Sunset Music CD

Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection, Renaissance style music CD from Blackmore's Night. The album is a compilation released in the USA, 2004 through the Steamhammer Label. The album, is named for the song "Beyond the Sunset" by Blackmore's Night from their 1999 album Under a Violet Moon. Featuring legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and vocalist Candice Night. 14 songs. Total time 58:41.

1. Once in a million years (previously unreleased).
2. Be mine tonight (from Shadow Of The Moon).
3. Wish you were here (from Shadow Of The Moon).
4. Waiting just for you (from Fires At Midnight).
5. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus (from Under A Violet Moon).
6. Ghost of a rose (re-recorded new version).
7. Spirit of the sea (from Shadow Of The Moon).
8. I still remember (from Fires At Midnight).
9. Castles and dreams (from Under A Violet Moon).
10. Beyond the sunset (from Under A Violet Moon).
11. Again Someday (from Fires At Midnight).
12. Diamonds and rust (from Ghost Of A Rose).
13. Now and then (re-recorded new version).
14. All because of you (from Fires At Midnight).

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