Butterfly Fairy Figurine

The Butterfly Fairy Figurine is a decorative item made from a material called "cold cast resin," which is a mixture of resin and a powdered material, such as stone or metal, that is poured into a mold and allowed to harden. This material is often used in the creation of figurines and sculptures because it is durable, can be easily molded into intricate shapes, and can be finished to look like various materials, such as bronze or marble.

The Butterfly Fairy Figurine is also described as "hand painted," which means that after the figurine is cast and hardened, it is painted by hand by an artist. This adds a personal touch to the figurine and allows for unique variations between each piece.

The figurine is said to measure 8 inches tall, which means that it is 8 inches in height from the base to the top of the figurine. This information gives an idea of the size of the figurine, which may be important when considering where to display it or how it will fit in with other decorative items.

Key Features:
Features spectacular hand-painted details
Great keepsakes
Excellent gift 

Made from cold cast resin

Height: 8 Inches
Width: 2.25 Inches
Depth: 2.25 Inches

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