Male Griffin Sculpture in Black Sunset

Our Male Griffin Sculpture in Black Sunset is of a male griffin figurine. A griffin is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

This particular griffin figurine is called "Black Sunset" because its body is jet black in color. The wings, throat, forehead, and tail, on the other hand, have colors resembling flames, giving it a fiery appearance. The use of Swarovski crystals on the golden collar around its neck adds a touch of luxury and glamour to the overall design.

The figurine weighs 7.8 pounds and has dimensions of 5.25 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width, and 9 inches in height. This information helps to give a better understanding of the size and weight of the figurine.

Overall, the "Black Sunset" male griffin figurine is a beautifully designed and crafted piece of art, showcasing the mythical creature in an elegant and striking manner.

Weight: 7.8 lb.
Dimensions: 5.25in. L x 6.5in. W x 9in. H

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