Pirate Swords and Arms

Best Pirate Swords and Arms
Pirate Swords and Arms

Civil War Leather Belt Clip Hanger

Leather Civil War Belt Clip Saber Hanger
Our Civil War Leather Belt Clip Hanger is used for suspending later period sword and saber scabbards to a sword belt. The Belt Clip Saber Hanger is perfect for Civil war swords, sabers and European Napoleon type sabers.
Price: $18.00

Fighting With the Saber and Cutlass DVD

Fighting With the Saber and Cutlass DVD 26-801172
Our Fighting With the Saber and Cutlass DVD is really not for people who are only interested in gaining dexterity in sport fencing or the learning the superficial choreographic techniques used for stage and screen.
Price: $69.95

Renaissance Buckler

Renaissance Buckler CD-223
The Renaissance Buckler was a small round shield known as a buckler remained popular from the 13th to the 17th century. Simple buckler comes with leather wrapped steel grip and rolled edges.
Price: $110.00

Wooden Buccaneer Pirate Sword

Wooden Buccaneer Pirate Sword
This Wooden Buccaneer Pirate Sword offers a safe and durable alternative to metal swords, making it ideal for costume accessories, theatrical performances, cosplay, or pirate-themed events.
Price: $72.23

Wooden Machete Pirate Sword

Wooden Pirate Machete Sword  40-926774
Our Wooden Pirate Machete Sword is perfect for a child's sword.
Price: $24.95
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