Palnatoke LARP Foam Swords

The most advanced foam LARP swords available on the market are made by Palnatoke. The soft and semi-hard foam is supported by a durable glass fiber core and reinforced tip. Each hand guard is coated in rubber to greatly increase the durability of the sword before final assembly. An equal layer of very strong rubber, on the swords, are achieved by using a 10 step coating process. The final process is wrapping the handle in leather, giving you the strongest foam sword available for LARP, (Live Action Role Play). As is said at Palnatoke, "It is not just a sword - it's a lifestyle".

Ninjato LARP Longsword - Steel Colored Hilt

Ninjato LARP Longsword - Steel Colored Hilt
The Ninjato Longsword is a Japanese Foam Sword with Steel Colored Hilt for LARP use. Ninjato, the most common name Japanese ninja sword was the most important weapon they possessed. Available in a foam!
Price: $92.95
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