Assassins Creed

Clothing and weapons from the popular game Assassin's Creed. All of Assassin's Creed clothing is authentically reproduced from the video game and are all fully functional items. We carry his fully functional extension knife, fighting knife, throwing knives and the sword of Altair. Altair's complete outfit from head to toe. We have Altairs leather belt, leather boots, tunic with hood, sash belt, gloves and under tunic. Also other characters' clothing from the video game like the William of Montferrat tunic, Robert de Sable tunic, Crusader priest robe and the Lionheart tunic that are all licensed by the game manufacturer.

Mordred Doublet

Mordred Doublet
The name Mordred is almost as closely tied to treachery as that of Judas. The nephew of King Arthur, he grew up to challenge the noble monarch in battle. With the Mordred Doublet, you can don the attire of this iconic villain.
Price: $174.95

Rampant Lion Cotton Gambeson

Baron's Gambeson 26-101516
TThis heavy, quilted 100% cotton gambeson is quartered in off-white and blood red with two lions rampant on the chest. Can be worn with or without mail. Dry clean only. Choose S/M or L/XL.
Price: $88.95

Rampant Lion Medieval Tunic

Baron's Tunic 26-101515
Quartered in off-white and blood red panels with back-to-back golden lions rampant. Cotton, exclusive of gold trim. Dry clean only. A truly beautiful tunic of the Holy Land in a heavy, 100% cotton weave.
Price: $78.95

Tancred Tunic

Tancred Tunic 26-101517
The Tancred Tunic is a heavy off-white, 100% cotton tunic is perfect for any Prince of the Holy Land. A blood red Crusader’s cross is sewn to the chest, while gold trim forms both an outline and sun rays in four directions. Matching lining. Dry clean only. S/M or L/XL.
Price: $74.95
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